dear blogspot

i haven't forgotten you. i've just been lazy.

monday's coming up. hopefully i get things done !! see you once my camera's fixed !!

xo trang
health care bill passed last nights. i'm pretty stoked. thoughts?

(sweater by hollister; skinnies by f21; sandals by linea paolo; belt by goodwill; clutch by kimchi blue; camera by minolta-- which i just got &love !!)

haha i am featured on !! thanks marviiin !! go visit this seattle-based fashion blog. <3

bby gsus would approve!!

hello sir,

you're amazing. let's make babies. ok?

adele's version of my favorite song. ever. note this; this will be my wedding song, my funeral song, my whatever song.


woke up late. went to take my exam. aced that fucker.

  by you.
realized that the majority of my coats are either patterns of herringbone or plaids.

  by you.
caught this after i parked behind the car.. must be an english lover

  by you.
grilled cheese with red pepper flakes

  by you.
hot dogs !! i am too poor to buy real meat !!

  by you.
fried egg with more cheese !!

it's 12pm & i am barely eating breakfast.. such a winner !! but tegan &sara was playing throughout my entire cooking session.. so maybe this is the breakfast of winners !!